MNB Collection Presents Abstraction During Dubai’s Art Week

Organized by MNB Arts and Culture, New Perspectives on Hungarian Abstract Art was held at CHI-KA Space, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai from March 7th to 14th, 2022.

Curated by Kinga Hamvai, with the project support of Anna Bagyó and Nóra Bácskai, and with the presence of art historian Dr. Flóra Mészáros to give opening speech remarks, the exhibition presented the paintings from three young Hungarian artists to a curious crowd in the heart of Dubai’s contemporary art district.

In line with the subsersive practice of the Hungarian Neo-Avantgarde, Bea Kusovszky (b.1986), Márton Nemes (b.1986) and Gergő Szinyova (b.1986) represent a new generation of artists taking their abstract forefathers’ philosophical and pictorial influences to the digital age. Working within postdigital sensitivity and the global discourse of the role of painting in the age of technology, these three artists showcased the meticulous detail and incredibly rich color palette that a painting hand can achieve. Precise acrylic-on-canvas and oil paintings by Kusovszky were juxtaposed to drip action painting-sculptures by Nemes. Meanwhile, with creating an specially-commissioned installation of edible art, Angéla Góg (b.1985), a food designer, presented a spice and labneh installationwhich colors and shapes accompanied the works of the exhibited artists.

“It’s incredibly important for Hungarian artists to have international exposure on this level. The talent in our country is truly amazing and they’re producing ground breaking art in new and inventive ways,” commented Kinga Hamvai, Head of MNB Arts and Culture’s Art Department and curator of the exhibition.

In an attempt to “open up a dialogue between the abstract voices of the Arab and the Hungarian art scene,” as the exhibition brochure states, New Perspectives on Hungarian Abstract Art presented a selection from the Central Bank of Hungary’s art collection, owned by MNB-Ingatlan Kft. The exhibition is first of many aiming to present a new generation of Hungarian artists worldwide. The exhibition’s future world dates and cities will be announced in April.