MNB Arts and Culture also represented at the Art is Business Corporate Collections Conference

Three heads of major international corporate collections and representatives of several Hungarian corporate collections spoke at the first symposium. The one-day event addressed the state of corporate collections in Hungary, the corporate collection building efforts of business players and the HR, marketing and PR benefits of it.

In addition to prominent national guest of the field, Philippien Noordam, Head of Collections at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands and member of the Netherlands Association of Corporate Art Collections, Anne Vieth, Head of the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection and Antje Hundhausen, Vice President Brand Experience at Deutsche Telekom, participated in the roundtable discussions.

Kinga Hamvai, Head of MNB Arts and Culture was an invited guest at a panel discussion moderated by strategic communications expert Péter Polgár with Delia Vékony, Artistic Director of HAB – Hungarian Art and Business and MBH Bank Art Foundation. During the discussion, the international context and presentation of the collection abroad was debated, including the ongoing traveling exhibition of the Pesti Workshop currently taking place in China. Also the educational and outreach programmes organised by MNB Arts and Culture for MNB employees and group exhibitions for the larger public were highlighted. The differences in corporate collection building between the Central Bank of Hungary and commercial banks were also mentioned where participants explored their artistic activities, opportunities and objectives.