Fajó and the Pesti Workshop at the National Art Museum of China

An exhibition of works by the Pesti Workshop (a creative community of neo-avantgarde artists) and János Fajó arrived in Beijing on 14 October. The event is a collaboration between the Arts and Culture Division of MNB and the Fajó Foundation. The National Art Museum of China is the third stop in a series for the travelling exhibition that will run until the beginning of 2024, aiming to present the artistic community on a broad scale and thus expand Chinese-Hungarian cultural relations.

The first in a series of exhibitions titled The Journey – János Fajó and the Pesti Workshop, held in several Chinese venues, was presented at the Liu Haisu Art Museum in Shanghai in August 2023. The second stop of the exhibition was Nanchang, and presently – between 14 October and 26 October – the prestigious NAMOC (National Art Museum of China) in Beijing is hosting the exhibition, where several distinguished Hungarian and Chinese guests of honour are expected to attend the protocol event on 17 October. After Beijing, the large-scale travelling exhibition will be shown in several Chinese art institutions over the next six months.

About the venue

NAMOC – The National Art Museum of China, Beijing

NAMOC in Beijing is one of China’s leading art museums and houses one of China’s most important art collections. Construction began in 1958 and it opened to the public in 1963. The main building is covered with yellow glazed tiles and surrounded by corridors and pavilions, and its ancient Chinese roof structure is a reflection of the local traditional architectural style. With 21 exhibition halls on six floors, the building covers an area of more than 18,000 square metres. This includes the museum exhibition space of 6,660 square metres, the sculpture park of 3,000 square metres and the modern art collection, founded in 1995, with an area of 4,100 square metres.

The collection of the museum spans thousands of years of Chinese art, showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage. NAMOC’s permanent exhibitions organise their art collections in several genres, including calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting and modern art, as well as Chinese folk art, artefact culture, works on paper and Chinese ceramics, which are all explored in depth in the permanent collection’s material. They also regularly organise temporary exhibitions showcasing the latest trends in contemporary Chinese and international art.

organiser: MNB Arts and Culture, Fajó Foundation

sponsor: Embassy of Hungary in Beijing, Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Centre Beijing

curator: Zita Sárvári

duration of the exhibition: 14. October – 26. October 2023

location: NAMOC – The National Art Museum of China, Beijing

1 Wusi Dajie, East District, Beijing, China, 100010