Children’s Day at the Liquid Slices of Time

At the children’s day event kids of all ages and their families could explore the exhibition at the Dubniczay Palace in Veszprém.

With the help of Zita Varga, museum educator children taking part of the program could let their imagination run by seeing Zsófi Barabás’s clouds, then explore Ilona Keserü’s Colour Changing Whirl, where often their first impressions were their favourite colours. Next they could closely examine the darkest and lightest hues of Margit Szilvitzky’s Dark Green Qualities textile piece. Anna Eszter Tóth’ artwork, recollecting the notion of home, a column of clothes (Column I.) made everyone smile, meanwhile new works of geometric art was created inspired by Judith Lóczi Horváth’s Monotonous work, humble work, unseen work painting and was filled with colours, forms and patterns by the children.